June 17, 2024


Crackers are a versatile food that we can keep in our pantry. They can be eaten with cheese, fruits, or crumbled in soup. You can also keep them in your car, handbag, or desk drawer. They will remain fresh until you are ready to eat.

Most crackers do not seem to be made with nutritious ingredients or have a nutritional value. Most of the crackers sold in stores are made from processed grains and have little fibre. They are also high in sodium. This does not mean that you have to eliminate all of these products from your diet.

If you choose crackers wisely, they can be an easy way to include wholegrains in your diet. In addition, topping them with healthy ingredients like hummus or cheese, olives, peanut butter, smoked salmon and a variety of other healthy foods can help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Finding healthy crackers on the snack aisle of your supermarket is not easy.

How to Choose Healthy Crackers

You’ll want the side panel to be the one you look at, and not the front of the package, as the latter can have confusing marketing claims such as “all-natural”, “real ingredients” etc. What to look for when choosing healthy snacks.

Increased Fiber Content

Check the amount of fibre per cracker if you want to increase your fibre intake. It is well known that fibre makes you feel more full and satisfied. Research shows that people who consume high-fibre foods are more likely than others to eat less after a meal.

When checking the Nutrition Facts label, search for “whole grain” which should be the first item in the list of ingredients. Vegetables, nuts and seeds are also important ingredients. It’s not hard to find crackers that are high in fibre, protein and healthy fatty acids. Some crackers contain root vegetables such as cassava and kale, as well as cruciferous veggies like cauliflower. Avocado crackers can be a great option for those who want to consume less carbohydrates.

The addition of seeds is a great thing

I don’t mean products with sesame seeds or poppy seed on top. Find crackers made primarily or exclusively of seeds such as flaxseed, sunflower, pumpkin and others. These seeds are rich in fibre, protein, and good fats. They also tend to be gluten-free. Find products that contain seeds or are entirely made with them.

Fruit is not necessarily healthier if it’s added.

The brown color of toasted fruit crisps may make them look like they are made from whole grains, but the fact is that they are often made from white flour. Many also have added sugars. This can amount to up to 1.5 teaspoons of sugar per serving. Your crackers should be whole grain and contain as little sugar as possible.

Be aware of high Sodium levels

Choose packs that have low sodium content. Controlling your sodium intake is important for a healthy life.

What can gluten-free crackers offer you?

These crackers are made with gluten-free ingredients like cassava, potato or tapioca. These ingredients are not very nutritious. In fact, tapioca and potato starches have no fibre. Better choices are snacks made from nut flour, non-wheat grains or brown rice.

Healthy Toppings You Should Try

Try these delicious toppings and dips with your favorite cracker. They are healthier, more filling and tasty.

  • Mediterranean– A simple starter or snack with your favorite hummus and diced olives.
  • Avocado Toast– Spread some guacamole onto a cracker to elevate this recipe.
  • Fruit and Cheese– Combine sliced Gouda and sliced apples and drizzle them with honey or maple syrup. Feel free to swap out pears for apples and Gouda with your favorite cheese.
  • Prosciutto & Cheese– This sweet and salty combination of prosciutto, honey, and whipped cream will make anyone fall in love.
  • Salmon & Lox– Use a bagel instead. Spread cream cheese over it, and then add the salmon slices. Add capers for an extra touch.
  • Banana and Peanut Butter This old combination is loved by everyone. It goes great with crackers. Nutella can be substituted for the peanut butter, and strawberries in place of the banana. Sweet toothed people will love this snack.

Eat Snacks with Mindfulness

It may be beneficial to adopt a mindful eating or intuitive approach if you enjoy these snacks. It is important to store them properly and take the time to enjoy each bite.

Keep them away

You are more likely grab your snacks if you keep them on the counter even if you don’t think about them. You are more likely if you store them away to think about whether a fruit or some vegetables would be more satisfying.

Keep Snacks in their Original Containers

The nutrition label is removed if you throw away the original packaging. You can calculate serving sizes and fibre content by keeping your snacks in the original packaging. To keep crackers fresh, store them in their original packaging, in a sealed plastic bag.

Enjoy Your Food

When you are craving a snack, place them on a serving plate and top with your favorite healthy topping. Slowly chew the crackers to enjoy the flavors and textures. Making the perfect snack an experience will enhance enjoyment.

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