June 17, 2024

It can be difficult for companies to find the best person for a job. Your employer value proposition may not be obvious to many candidates, and they will therefore not be interested in your job. Once you have a list, it’s time to do the checks for your organization.

You may need to perform a variety of checks depending on the role before offering a position. A health assessment may be required to determine fitness for a role. You may not need a physical for every job, but the assessment results will help you to choose the best person for the position. Employers can benefit from conducting medicals to determine the health of their employees and prevent any problems that could negatively impact the job.

What is a Health Assessment?

As part of the pre-employment screening, medical testing can include a variety of things. You should feel confident that the health of the candidate will not be compromisedto perform at a level you require. The medicals can be done annually to ensure that the individual is fit for the role. However, the tests will vary based on the job description. Medicals could include:

  • Urine tests
  • An in depth health questionnaire
  • Height and weight records
  • Tests for blood pressure, ECG and pulse ox
  • Respiratory system & lung function
  • Nearsightedness, colour and distance vision tests
  • These are essential if an employee is going to be working outdoors on the site.
  • Hearing test: audiometry
  • Additional tests, such as:
    • Drug Testing
    • Alcohol breathalyzers
    • Fitness tests, such as the bleep test
    • Chest X-ray
    • Full Blood Count

Why should you choose the right company?

  1. The tests will make a huge difference if you are looking for someone who is physically and mentally fit for a job that requires them to work at heights.
  2. It is important to identify any existing medical conditions that may affect the mental fitness of a candidate for a particular position. You’ll have to determine if there are any issues that need longer-term care and management.
  3. You must determine their suitability. You may need to do a medical evaluation if you want to promote someone to a higher position or transfer them from a desk to a job on site.

You should start looking into these assessments as soon as possible.

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