June 17, 2024

Recent popularity of dermaplaning as a noninvasive skincare treatment has increased. It promises to improve the appearance of your skin. What is dermaplaning and is it beneficial for the face? When searching for a medical spa in Rochester MN,, or elsewhere, these questions are important. This blog post will explore the details of this treatment, its benefits and any potential downsides.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning, also known as peach-fuzz removal, is a cosmetic treatment that involves the use of a surgical scalpel and a sterile solution to remove the dead skin cells on the surface of the face. This process is similar in nature to shaving, but it is done on a completely dry face by a trained practitioner.

In a medical setting such as in a dermatologist’s office or at a med-spa, the procedure is usually performed. The procedure can last anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the area being treated. Patients can expect to see their skin feel smoother and brighter.

How Is Dermaplaning Good For Your Face?

Dermplaning has many benefits for the skin of your face.


The dermaplaning knife is an exfoliant which removes dead skin cells from your face. Professional med spa practitioners will exfoliate the skin thoroughly and avoid irritation and cuts. Your skin will appear more even in tone and texture.


Your skin will be smoother after removing your vellus hair. The smoother skin will feel and look better, while also making skincare easier. The majority of people are most concerned with dermaplaning to achieve smoother skin.

Product Absorption

You may have vellus hairs on your face if your skincare products aren’t working as well as they used too. Dermaplaning can remove this peach fuzz, allowing skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin and possibly improve product absorption.

Makeup Application

You can apply makeup more efficiently if you have a smoother face. You can use less makeup and apply it more evenly without vellus hair.

How Is Dermaplaning Bad For Your Face?

When done correctly, dermaplaning does not damage your skin. It is a myth that dermaplaning can cause permanent skin damage. Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure which is considered safe. There are still some risks that you should be aware of. In some cases, dermaplaning can cause infection and skin discoloration. It can also lead to scarring including hypertrophic and raised scars.

Dermaplaning done according to best practices is completely safe. There are risks with any cosmetic or medical procedure. However, they are minimal when done correctly.

Yes, Dermaplaning Is Good For Your Face

There are risks associated with any procedure, but dermaplaning can be beneficial for the face if performed by a medical professional. It’s important to consult a qualified practitioner before undergoing dermaplaning to determine if this is the best treatment for your skin condition and type. You’re on your way towards smoother and younger looking skin. There are med spas all over the nation that offer this procedure, including near you.


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