May 24, 2024


You are joining your first surfing competition but you don’t know what to expect.

If you are joining a competition and you are a relatively new or have been surfing for some time, you should prepare yourself by keeping in mind a few points.

Before the Competition

Prepare for the competition with these tips.

Grab your gear, throw on a surf hoodie and head to the beach

You will need to surf daily to perfect the moves that you are going to perform. You can even wear your favorite surf jacket to the location where the competition will take place.

You can predict the behavior of the ocean waves and the ocean by surfing in the area where the competition will be held.

Surf in a mock surf zone

Establish a practice zone to simulate surfing. You will most likely surf in an area that’s easy to score and observe during competition. By forcing yourself to surf in a limited area, you will learn to make the most of whatever space you have.

Use a Timer to Work

Heats are usually 15-25 minutes long, but this depends on the contest, and how far along you are in your progress. Finals tend to be longer than heats earlier.

Set your surf watch timer to 15 minutes. Start the timer on your surf watch before you paddle out. You can practice with the timer to get an idea of what waves you will be able catch during a heat. This will help you decide on how aggressively you want to surf.

If your practice indicated that you can expect to catch five waves in one heat, then you’ll know when to pace yourself. You’ll be able to estimate how many waves you still have left if your first few go poorly.

Know Your Strengths

What are your strongest points? What are your strengths? Find out what your strengths are and perfect them. You can also add some flair to your presentation to make it more unique.

You need to have the right workout routines to get yourself ready

Your competition will require you to be at your best. Weight training and leg strengthening will help you achieve powerful turns. There is no such thing as a small edge, since it all adds up.

Increase your endurance and cardio. Stopping to rest is a waste of time when you could be moving.

Understand the format of the contest

Understanding the scoring system and how it will be run is essential to achieving your best. Understanding how waves are scored will help you surf better. Other information to consider is the number of surfers in each heat, as well as the length of the heats and the number of waves that you can catch.

The Day Of The Competition

You can still do a few things the day of your contest, even if you’ve been preparing for a while.

Get an Early Start

Prepare for the day by getting up early. Even though most of your planning can be done the evening before, getting up earlier gives you time to address any last-minute issues.

Enjoy a Good Breakfast

Water is essential. Eat a healthy breakfast with potassium and fibre. Fuel up before you start your work.

Check the Waves Upon Arrival

Check the wind direction and the wave height when you arrive at the beach. If you require more information, ask the lifeguard.

Test the Water

After you warm up, test the water and paddle around to see where the best breaks are so you know exactly where they will be when the competition begins.

Learn More About Your Heat

Be prepared by checking the time for your heat. You can observe other surfers to get an idea of the manoeuvres that work at different breaks.

Enjoy Yourself

Don’t let nerves affect you. Enjoy yourself.

You may wish to reward yourself, or your friend who competed.

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